The #AMB. community is the little sister of the #FRA. community formed in 2016 by GreenFlow and MithRil.

The Ambrosía community is open to all and easy to access, with a few clicks you can access the whole community, its members and all the games offered. Each game is managed by one or two administrators who are responsible for the good understanding between players. Each player can propose his ideas to the administrators in order to improve the community, from a simple technical detail to the implementation of a new game section. We offer our community: friendly matches, special events and teams for competitions !

“A community cannot long be self-sufficient it can only grow with people from different backgrounds and brothers as yet unknown”

Howard Thurman, American philosopher and teacher.

Join us on the Discord voice server !

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Discord link :

◄ Community Games ►


Platoons Battlefield 4


Others Games

– Supremacy 1914

– Company of Heroes 2

– World War III

– Dirty Bomb

– Call of Duty Series

◄ We Manage Servers For The Following Games ►

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Battlefield 4

◄ Community Teams ►

:fr: Taverne Noire

Games : Supremacy 1914

:fr: Elite Army FR

Games : Supremacy 1914

◄ Discord/Site/Tag Rules ►

The rules of the site and discord.

  • The team provides a site and a discord open to ALL.
  • You must speak in French and English ONLY.
  • No offensive nicknames or avatars are allowed.
  • Threats, provocations, racism, homophobia and all malicious intentions to the private life are forbidden.
  • The game is meant to be fun, constant rage, repeated in-game insults and vocal abuse are unnecessary.

Rules for players and staff #AMB.

  • When you tag #AMB. or [AMB] know that you are representing the community inside and outside the structures, it is up to us to put on the best face possible.
  • Each member is responsible for these actions and must be kept informed of the rules.
  • All decisions are made as a full team, admins decide only on a 50/50 vote.
  • No fees will be charged to the moderators to maintain and keep the structure alive.
  • No particular days or hours are imposed, however, one month of inactivity without prior notice will result in immediate dismissal from the staff.
  • Each moderator, has moderation rights on discord, the website and must have the most regular activity possible.

◄ The Structure/Organisation ►

We are currently equipped with:

  • A complete website hosted with the domain name “ambrosí”
  • A Discord voice server hosted in “Europe”
  • A VPS to host our discord bots and game servers
  • 1 Wolfenstein Enemy Territory 24 slot server, legacy mod, hosted in “Europe”
  • 1 Battlefield 4 server 48 slots, normal preset, hosted in “Europe”

🏅 Community awards & medals

The Ambrosia community and its leaders know how to pay tribute to quality players with a good mentality and an outstanding sense of teamwork, but also to players who are close to the ban.

Medals to win and those not to have :

Super Modo : This is THE medal for the Moderators and Administrators of the community, the one that honours the work done, a meticulous moderation and a listening and mutual aid towards the players of the community !

Investment : This one rewards investment in the community and is for all players !

Loyal : This is one of the most honorable medals, it rewards loyalty but especially the time spent with us, if you love Ambrosia and you plan to stay with us for a long time, this medal will be yours !

Courageous : have you been involved in a heroic act ? Did you put your hands up at the right time in the right place ?
That medal you get, no matter what the game !

Leader : This medal rewards the hard work of a leader! Have you led your team to victory several times ? Your strategies are more than efficient ? Congratulations, you deserve it and it doesn’t matter what the game is !

Good Soldier : This one is for the soldiers who have a great sense of listening ! It doesn’t matter what the game is, the orders your leader gives you are carried out with bravery and efficiency, and that’s a good soldier !

Gaston : Did you make a mistake ? A huge blunder ? I’m calling you Gaston !

Sacrifice : It’s the most appreciated and honoured medal of the community ! You knew how to sacrifice yourself for your team, you manage to put others before yourself and its no matter what the game, bravo champion, you deserve this distinction and respect !

Traitor : Oh this one I don’t recommend you to win, if by misfortune you get it it’s because you betrayed your allies, or because you were not loyal to one or several values of the community.

Community Pardon : Is it really a medal ? Make up your mind, in any case if you get this one it means you are forgiven for a fault committed or a not very nice act, it can replace the Traitor medal.
One pardon but not two.

Visionary : This one is for those who are far into the future! Too much blah blah blah, jokes of a really low level or just if you’re in the moon 24/7 !

A good soldier should always have an operational microphone to help communication on the field ! A medal made for those who squat’ the voice rooms, see a bit too much..

Major Actor : Your nickname tells something to everyone, for sure we have seen you somewhere ! A medal that rewards players who are very active in the community events and matches, and those who share with the community.

Patience : It’s all in the name, you showed great patience, which allowed you to win your game, save your team or simply join one if the recruiters are slow… Honorable !

High Ranking Awards :

Veteran : Distinction honouring seniority in the community, whether you are a player, a team member or a staff member, if you have been active for 3 years you become a Veteran !

Old soldier : A distinction honouring a former Veteran of the community, who has been active for many years and participated in many battlefields.
We wish you all the best for the future !